Beau + Luci – Fire Dancer


Beau + Luci are sisters from Georgia. They describe their sound as “guitar-driven, Bluesy American Rock.” Their latest single “Fire Dancer” is a stunning example of their songwriting capabilities. Inspired by a character from a book, Luci says that the song is about, “the idea of taking something that could be used for destruction and instead using it to give hope.”

“Fire Dancer” starts off soulful with the sisters singing, only accompanied by a drum. As soon as the rest of the instruments are introduced, the tone is set and the intensity quickly builds. In a very storyteller manner, the song is in third person. The narrative starts out by saying “they call him fire dancer/ no one knows his name/ got scars from his broken heart/ on his hands and face.” Their melodic voices are harmoniously hypnotic. The hook “gonna dance in the fire<” has a gorgeous lull that makes it irresistible.

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