Blackjack Billy – My Lips Your Kiss


Blackjack Billy is a group based in Nashville. They describe their style as< “the no-holds-barred, good time, party-down rockin’ country.” After the success of their 2013 song “The Booze Cruise,” they are back with their song “My Lips Your Kiss.” Perhaps what stands out at first is the undeniably hypnotic groove to the song. The vocals give it a huge sound. There is a gritty feel mixed in with sleek songwriting. The verses are clever, listing different types of pairs like “like peaches and cream” and “a ball-game in the spring” and “Lady and the tramp.” The verses naturally flow into the chorus as they say “talking about my lips/ your kiss/ my hands/ your hips.” The instrumentation is authentic with a killer guitar solo after the second chorus. All in all, Blackjack Billy have penned their sound and embraced the intense, classic country/rock sound.

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