Brandon Rhyder and Lori McKenna – They Need Each Other


Brandon Rhyder is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. After taking a four-year hiatus from the studio, he is back with his newest self-titled album. He says that in that time, he pondered, “…the deeper questions: who am I as a husband, father, songwriter, and musician? It both humbles and inspires.” His song “They Need Each Other,” co-written and recorded with Lori McKenna is a testament to those questions, exploring the nuances in a relationship.

The song is fittingly a duet – showing that both sides of the relationship are equally important. It starts out with a brilliant image demonstrating two strong people in a relationship as he sings, “She don’t need him to fix the sink/ no she can do it herself” and “he don’t need her to sew his shirt/ no he can do it himself.” McKenna joins him in lovely harmonies in the chorus as they sing, “don’t every strong man need a strong woman?” The guitar part adds to the overall groove of the song. Overall, this is the perfect realistic love song, showing that not every relationship is easy, but love is worth it.

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