Brandy Clark – You’re Drunk


Brandy Clark is a fiery singer-songwriter from Morton, Washington and is now based in Nashville. She has received a CMA Award for Song of the Year for her song “Follow Your Arrow.” Her most recent song “You’re Drunk” is a fun way to recount an honest narrative.

Immediately Clark’s voice stands out as being unique, filled with an old-school soul feel, while seamlessly articulating contemporary melodies. The bass-line ultimately drives the production. Lyrically, Clark has an innate way to do clever wordplay and making clichés feel fresh with lines like, “knock knock/ Who’s there?/ at two in the morning/ well I guess that you got dumped” and “and looking for a get you over that heartbreak humpty hump” and “you’re drunk/ as a skunk.” The contrast between Clark’s quirkiness and dark humor makes this song nothing short of being both relatable and exciting.

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