A Different Thread – Big Crane


A Different Thread is a UK duo fronted by singer-songwriter Robert Jackson and cellist Isaac Collier. Their Country and Americana sound is nothing short of intoxicating and their latest release track is called “Big Crane.”

The song immediately creates a groove that is undoubtedly compelling. The image of a big crane seems insignificant, but Jackson manages to take an ordinarily nuanced thing and turn it into a beautiful symbol, a focal point for the storyline. His lyrics are so well crafted with lines like, “big crane make it stop/ take away this ticking clock” and “someone catch me before if I fall as I made my bed on the Berlin wall.” The arrangement of the song seems organic. Jackson’s voice is genuine, especially in the line, “big crane lift my doubt.” It’s a dizzying combination of tragedy and hopefulness.

Have a listen for yourself below!

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