Dylan Schneider – Grew Up Slower


Dylan Schneider is from Indiana where he became interested in music at a young age. He released his debut EP Wannabe in July of 2016. His latest EP is called Spotlight’s on You, and a standout song from the collection is called, “Grew up Slower.”

Schneider’s song is a testament to youth. Being a teenager himself, he brilliantly creates a message that is relevant for all ages, which is to hold onto the present moment. His storytelling is striking in that it is so honest. The verses pinpoint universal images of being a teenager like “quarterbacks and homecoming queens” and “some of us are college bound.” The lyrical hook, “someday we’re gonna wish we grew up slower” is ironic in that we can’t actually change time, but Schneider really emphasizes how important it is to value teenage years. The song has the heaviness of nostalgia mixed with the lightheartedness of being young.

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