Jackie Venson – Rollin’ On (Live)


Jackie Venson is a fiery musician from Austin, Texas. She has been fascinated with music since she was eight years old. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, she made the shocking transition from Classical to Blues. Now, she masterfully combines Blues, Rock, R&B, and Soul to create a mesmerizing sound.

Her song “Rollin’ On” is a fantastic representation of Venson’s true musical capabilities. The contrast between her impressive and gritty guitar work and her soft and sweet voice, is texturally interesting and works well. The title “Rollin’ On” is found in the opening line, “Do you hear that baby/ that’s the sound of time rollin’ on.” Venson stays true to the roots of Soul music, but also adds a contemporary energy.

Have listen to “Rollin’ On” below.

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