Jesse Daniel Smith – I Really Love Ya


Jesse Daniel Smith is a singer-songwriter from Montreal. His music is catchy and heartfelt and his most recent track “I Really Love Ya” is a perfect representation of this promising young artist.

“I Really Love Ya” features characteristics from a variety of genres. The production and storytelling is rooted in Country music, but the melody, especially the syncopation, is reminiscent of Pop and R+B. His voice is distinct and has a deep tone. Smith highlights an essential part of any relationship, a place of empathy as he says, “When I feel let down well I need your company/ when I’m hollowed out I need you to comfort me.” He shows how much he appreciates it when he sings, “I hope you noticed I really love ya.” In addition, the song features a lovely guitar solo.

Above all, Smith delivers an intimate message through a song that anyone in love can relate to.

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