Lisa Heller – Things You Never Said


Lisa Heller found her passion in music because of a struggle she encountered while running. After a difficult run, she discovered that she had VCD, vocal cord dysfunction, and learned from her doctors that one of the exercises to help this condition was singing. Through singing, she found relief and discovered her love for not only singing, but also writing. Her song “Things You Never Said” is a true girl anthem.

The dynamics of the song are quite intriguing, going from soft verses to a full, explosive chorus. The melody in the pre-chorus offers the perfect transition, brilliantly demonstrating her impressive songwriting skills. Her lyrics are simple, but creative like “words are hard to say when it’s personal” and “the sweetness tastes bitter/ life is a riddle.” Heller provides solace in not feeling alone in having feelings left unsaid. Her lyrics are personal, but also provide the comfort of a very compassionate friend.

Check out Lisa Heller’s song “Things You Never Said” and let us know what you think!

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