Madeline Merlo – Motel Flamingo


Madeline Merlo is a Canadian country musician. Her latest single is called “Motel Flamingo,” which is a reflection, “of her unique tropical, bohemian vibe.”

With a little bit of an edge, Merlo whimsically describes in depth the Motel Flamingo. In addition, she manages to capture fun images about adolescence like, “the party don’t stop ‘til 11 am” and “I still see that pink neon sign off of exit 139.” She manages to perfectly mix a laid-back and fun vibe into the work, making it the perfect summer song. Merlo isn’t afraid to be a little quirky, as exemplified with her fun rhyming in the bridge, “still got the front desk guy that looks like Cee-lo/ still smells like burritos/ swinging magazines at mosquitoes.” Topped off with clean production, this song is truly a stunning, yet light-hearted song by Madeline Merlo.

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