Midland – Drinkin’ Party


Midland is a Country Western-style music group made up of three band members. Mark Wystrach is the lead singer of the band along with lead guitarist Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy on bass. They originally joined forces in Dripping Springs, Texas and traveled around the state playing gigs at local clubs and bars. Their classic 70’s and 80’s vibes are what made them stand out from the rest and earn public recognition. Their music takes us back to simpler times when it was all about those dirt roads and a pickup truck.

Midland’s song “Drinkin’ Problem” is the first song on their very first EP Midland. This song speaks of the judgment one faces in regards to drinking and how they solve it by drinking some more. This song’s reminiscent nature is achieved by Mark’s timeless vocals and Jess’ traditional Western guitar playing. It bridges the gap between new Country and old Country very impressively. So travel back in time by checking out Midland’s “Drinkin’ Problem” by clicking the link below!

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