Mike Stockdale – A Passing Phase


Mike Stockdale is based in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by iconic musicians such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, B.B. King, etc., Stockade is a strong songwriting with a haunting delivery. His latest song “A Passing Phase” is a stunning example of Stockdale’s artistry.

Perhaps the most striking part of “A Passing Phase” is how straightforward Stockdale’s lyrics are. His opening lines, “I been feelin better/ I tore up all the letters you wrote but now I’m waiting for anyone to notice me/ Maybe I should total my car or set my house on fire,” is instantly captivating and sets up the tone for the rest of the song. Another standout lyric is, “Lately I been waiting for you to turn up out of the blue but then I wonder/ would you even notice me/ Maybe if I shaved my face or cut my hair.” Besides the lyrics, the rhythmic melody drives the song to mimic the message of fleeting moments in life. Stockdale has an uncanny way with phrasing, making every note as exciting as the last.

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