Mitchell Tenpenny – Truck I Drove in High School


Mitchell Tenpenny is a country singer/songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. His music comes from an authentic place, as shown in his latest release “Truck I Drove in High School.” When describing the song, Tenpenny says that it’s “about that first taste of four-wheeled freedom, reminding fans how it felt to be ‘king of the road’ speeding through adolescence as if there were no rules.”

Tenpenny uses the truck as the perfect symbol for his youth. The song feels organic, with fun background vocals and harmonies. The slightly distorted production gives it a unique touch. Perhaps one of the best testaments to his youth is in his homage to Guns-N-Roses when he says, “with an old V8 knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door.”As a love song for his truck, the repetitive ending “I kinda where she’s at these days” is the perfect cherry on top to a quirky, fun song.

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