Post Monroe – Better Place


Post Monroe is a trio composed of Ashlee Hewitt, Whitney Duncan, S and Shelby McLeod. Their unique sound comes from their rich harmonies, accompanied by simple production. Their song “Better Place” is a tribute to Duncan’s cousin, Holly, who was abducted and found deceased. She tried putting this tragedy into words, and six years has released a truly touching song.

The lyrics are the most important part of this song as she describes all the things that have been happening in their town like, “your brother got married and it rained like hell” and “can you believe we finally won a football game?” and “I think about you when the preacher prays.” The chorus concludes with the line, “cause your heart don’t break in your better place.” It’s the perfect song to provide comfort, as demonstrated by the graceful harmonies that accompany Duncan, suggesting that she does not have to grieve alone. It’s moments like these where music is vital.

Listen to the incredibly emotional and brave tribute below!

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