Review of Trea Landon’s Debut EP


If you do not know who Trea Landon is, I strongly encourage you to go check him out immediately. He may be an up and coming Country music star, but the quality in his songs cannot be beat. His tone is extremely natural and will throw out any preconceptions you may have had about modern Country music. Even though he is rather young, being in his early twenties, he has done a great job in preserving traditional Country sounds, while still adding some modern themes to connect to. Trea Landon is a skilled songwriter and originally from a small hometown in Georgia. Trea was definitely born past his years and with his timeless traditional tone. Currently based out of Nashville he is signed to Play It Again records, where he has recently released his debut self-titled EP. Trea shares that this album has something for just about everyone because it touches on topics of new love, breakups, partying, and working hard. Everything a good Country EP should have! So let’s dive in and check out some of the songs from Trea’s latest EP.

The EP opens up with the song “There’s That Smile”, an upbeat song with a catchy chorus. This song was perfectly appropriate to open up his EP with because it gets the audience going and pumped. It showcases what Trea wants his album to be about and how he wants to present himself to his audience. All in all, off to a great start with this song, but it still leaves us curious and ready to here the rest of the songs.

The next song we should discuss is “A Little Bit”, especially since it is currently a crowd favorite on Spotify. This song has the most fan recognition because it appeals to a broader audience. Let’s say this song is like the “poster child” for Trea’s Country Pop sound and still keeps that traditional Country “twang” that everyone loves. The song speaks of not needing a lot of money, but just enough to have a good time on a weekend. This universal message goes a long with enjoying the little things and working hard to play even harder.

My personal favorite out of the entire EP is the song “Nobody Goes”. This is your typical romantic Country song, but I like the twist it has on loving someone. The song talks about wanting to spend time with someone in the comfort and solitude one feels in the backwoods and countryside. Its about spending time loving on someone where no one else can see and disturb that time together. I like this because so often we get wrapped up in making our relationship a spectacle for others to see. Couples spend more time making sure people see them as an “item” out in public, rather than being alone with them unable to hide true emotions. Not to mention the exceptional harmonies incorporated throughout the song that make it different from the rest of the songs on the EP.

The EP ends with “Shot in the Dark”, which is the perfect note to end on since it involves a little romance. In the song the guy is trying to court the girl and convince her to go on an adventure with him. He wants her to trust him and give him a chance. He doesn’t know if she reciprocates her feelings for him, therefore he feels he is taking a “shot in the dark”. The song is midtempo and closer to one of his love ballads, but still keeps a steady tempo. This song helps Trea send his audience end on a positive note and some hope that love will work out one day for all of the hopeless romantics out there. But, don’t take my word for it! Go check out Trea Landon’s self titled Debut EP for yourself on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube!

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