Ryan Beaver – You Were The Rain – Music Video


Ryan Beaver is a favorite of ours here at HITS. From Emory, Texas and passing through Austin, he is now a Nashville based musician. His music video for his latest single “You Were the Rain” has just been released.

The video itself is stunningly complimentary of the song. As this sweet, vulnerable love song makes a statement on its own, the video is simple yet beautiful. Featuring Beaver in a softly lit blue room, like rain, he sings out into an empty room. It feels like he is confessing that this girl saved him, which effectively makes lines like, “it took awhile/ but you set me free/ and put out the flames/ baby I was a wildfire and you were the rain” and “yeah you came along in the knick of time/ I was out of control” even more powerful Occasionally, it looks like he is looking out of a rain-streaked window, adding a lovely touch to the video. Furthermore, the video includes a lovely dancer/aerialist. Her angelic presence makes a noticeable impact on the artistic performance of the song. A standout moment is when Beaver sings, “You fell out of the sky” and the dancer gracefully soars from the ceiling behind him. The dynamic between Beaver and the dancer shows the passionate relationship Beaver is talking about.

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You Were The Rain (Official Video) by Ryan Beaver on VEVO.

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