Sammy Arriaga – Broke


Sammy Arriaga is a musician from Miami, Florida. After appearing on Season 10 of American Idol, he found himself in Nashville. His latest single “Broke” highlights his relatable financial struggles.

Although lyrically the song is filled with serious themes presented with lines like “credit card declined/ can’t even have a fun Friday night/ they laid me off work and didn’t tell me why, tell me why,” Arriaga manages to present it in a fun, carefree way, almost suggesting that he’s laughing through the pain. He also has light-hearted and clever lyrics such as, “they say don’t pick up a penny if it ain’t heads up/ but I won’t be picking up pennies for luck.” His voice is clean and crisp as he sings the catchy melodies. Arriaga knows how to sympathize with those who need some hope.

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