Smith and Thell – Toast


Smith and Thell are a new Pop Folk duo originally from Stockholm, Sweden. They have a playful attitude that compliments their sound. They both have vocals that easily blend together to the point where you can’t even tell that there is more than one voice singing. This sound is very carefully crafted and brings balance and serenity to there track “Toast”. The two singer-songwriters have proven to be the hottest duo that has emerged from Sweden within the past year.

Smith and Thell’s newest song “Toast” has just released along with their most recent album, Soul Prints. The song is inspired by Bluegrass sounds with a prominent Pop influence. It is fun to hear how the duo incorporates the two together without one overshadowing the other. This is a fun song insisting that we celebrate not only the good times but also the bad times; the idea is that life is too short, therefore we have to live it up while we can.

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