Smithfield – When You’re Gone


Smithfield is a Country music duo who originated in the hearty state of Texas. They came together in 2011 and started gigging around in local areas for more than a year. Shortly after they decided to move their musical journey to Nashville, Tennessee where their music could grow. Growing up together gives them an edge in the music making business because of how in sync the duo is. The two have undeniable chemistry on stage that simply cannot be faked. They both have a passion and an ear for crafting genuine harmonies and song structure. This makes their energy on stage so contagious!

Smithfield’s newest single “When You’re Gone” is one catchy summer hit you won’t want to miss out on. The song has already been featured on Sirius XM’s The Highway to get maximum exposure with Country music fans. It has a sweet contemporary country sound that holds onto some traditional roots, but at the same time isn’t afraid to try something new. This song is the perfect balance between flirty and fun! So go check out Smithfield’s song “When You’re Gone” by clicking the link below.

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