Walker McGuire – Mysteries Of The World


Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire make up the power-duo that is Walker McGuire. Coming from Texas and Kansas City. After meeting on stage at a writer’s round, the duo formed. Since then, they have released “Mysteries Of The World.”

The song sonically feels carefree, but lyrically is quizzically philosophical. They start out the song by saying, “Why does beer have to taste so good but too much makes you feel so bad?” and “Where does socks in the dryer go?” Interestingly, this idea of the “mysteries in the world” progresses into a sweet sentiment of essentially saying, “how did I get so lucky to end up with you?” In addition to the clever lyrics, the dynamic between Walker and McGuire is flawless – their harmonies meld perfectly to create powerful messengers for the song.

Be sure to check out “Mysteries Of The World” by Walker McGuire and check them out on tour in the US and UK this fall!

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